Heather Cassaday - Author - Author Personal Assistant




My mission is simple: Your success is my success. 

When I started my journey in the writer’s world, I knew nothing. If it were possible to know less than nothing, that’s where I would have been. I mean, the only times I’d ever even heard about an ARC was talking about a boat! ROI? AMS? What are these strange things? Beta readers? What are they and why do you need them? ... This was my life, in over my head and lost.

It has been a long road from then until now, filled with blunders, mistakes, and typos. But... there has been one constant: The love and support of the author community. I’ve found groups that have taught me so much and forged friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. I found my tribe. In that tribe was my mentor, though I didn’t know it at the time. (More on this later)

I wanted to find a way to attract readers to my blog in hopes of getting people to read my work. I did my homework and settled on conducting author interviews. I figured if someone stopped by to read an interview and they liked it, they might stay and check out more. It didn’t yield the results I wanted, but it did allow me to network with some of the greatest writer friends anyone could have. And if it helped them sell a couple books in the meantime, great! I enjoyed the hobby.

Fast forward about two years. Throughout this time, I stayed with the authors on my blog, updating posts, sharing when they needed a boost. I was working to build a community atmosphere.  

Then, it happened...

My husband and I were running an errand. I was daydreaming, staring out the passenger side window when a large construction truck blew a stop sign directly in front of my car. My husband walked away from the accident, I did not. I’ll spare you the details but the accident changed a lot of things for me. 

First, it made me realize my time home with my children is precious, as I could have lost it forever. Second, I realized I wanted more out of life than my day job could provide. 

Remember the aforementioned mentor? 

I was bored to death during my recovery, I’d never not worked in my life. So I decided once I was able to sit again, I’d do a round of updating blog interviews and re-shares. My future mentor was one of them. She messaged me and we had the following conversation:

“Have you ever considered PA work?” She asked.

“What’s a PA?” I had no clue...

It turns out a good lot of what I was already doing for my blog hobby is AN ACTUAL JOB!!! WHAT?!?! I was blown away that I could be getting paid to do what I love. She hired me right then and there and we have been a team ever since.

My whole world opened up. I learned from her. I researched on my own. I took classes. And now, I can say with all confidence that your success is my success. I am dedicated to my dream of doing everything possible to help you reach yours.